• Why?!

IMG_2719Born April 22 in Maiduguri, King A-Maz came from an unusual musical background – which is, none. Coming from a city that is not known for anything musical and a lineage that had no prior musicians to help blaze the path, A-Maz did not pay much mind to his gift in the beginning.

But after completing his secondary school in the city of Jos, the infectious passion and outrageous concentration of talent in the city ignited the spark of music in him and led him to initially join the bandwagon of ‘upcoming artists’.

The defining moment for A-Maz came in 2012, when he lost three dear friends to a targeted killing in Boko Haram-ridden Maiduguri during his university years. The music he created in their honour went a long way in helping him manage his hurt and led him to begin using music to express emotions and address situations. This paradigm shift separated A-Maz from wannabe artists by leading him to make real art to express, instead of shallow music to impress.

A-Maz is a rock/soul singer who describes his art as “music that rocks the soul”. He fuses these sounds with African percussions and other native Afro music to create Afrock, a sound prominent in his SizzlePRO-produced ‘Can’t Kill Us’ single which met a great amount of positive reviews. In an industry plagued with lack of originality and a congested market, A-Maz is hoping to create a niche market in the Nigerian music industry.

A-Maz is well known for his high pitched sonorous voice and can be easily sported performing at live music events with his favourite instrument, the guitar. With appearances on local TV channels, Beat 99.9 FM, EbonyTV’s Moments With Mo and a live session on 99.3 Nigeria Info FM just at the start of his young career, you can tell that A-Maz is set to shake the music scene in the country and possibly, the world.